Trent ford dating

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Among those who told me they couldn't, Chrysler, Mazda and Suzuki all stopped pushing and advised me to go to my bank.

Or you could argue that, because no one really haggles for any other consumer good, the manufacturers are ripping off those who treat cars the same.

Target Price - what that magazine's team of mystery shoppers says is achievable with haggling.

As for the cars, I went for popular models and specifications, switching between buying them for me, my imaginary wife or, in the case of the Daewoo Kalos, my mother.

It's natural to feel cheap and pushy during this, but it helps if you take the money you're haggling over out of context - £100 buys a half-decent stereo or a new jacket, for example.

Very few people really enjoy haggling, but it remains at the core of car-buying because, according to the car industry trade association, people expect it: "In this country people are used to haggling for cars.

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