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Although healthcare is nominally free, in reality, patients have to pay for medicine and treatment, even in public clinics and hospitals.

Public hospitals lack many of the basic facilities and equipment.

The general state of healthcare in Myanmar (also known as Burma) is poor.

The military government spends anywhere from 0.5% to 3% of the country's GDP on healthcare, consistently ranking among the lowest in the world.

The national government spent US7,120 (K150,831,600) in 2005 on HIV, while international donors (the governments of Norway, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Sweden) donated US,711,813 towards HIV programmes in Burma.

Burma (ranked 51 out of 166 countries) has one of Asia's highest adult HIV prevalence rates, following Cambodia and Thailand.

Burma is a major source of prostitutes (an estimate of 25,000–30,000) in Thailand, with the majority of women trafficked taken to Ranong, bordering south Burma, and Mae Sai, at the eastern tip of Burma.

Women are often lured into prostitution with the promise of legitimate jobs, substantially higher pay, and because their low educational levels makes it difficult for them to find jobs elsewhere.

But they no longer have to worry about the television getting wet in monsoon season. Than Than Htwe has struggled to support the household since her grandchildren moved in last year.

The recent appearance of massage parlours began in 1995, with ethnic minority groups such as the Wa running such businesses in particular.

Since Cyclone Nargis hit in May 2008, the number of prostitutes in Yangon has increased significantly, thus lowering prices for sexual services.

The Child Law, enacted in 1993, raised the age of consensual sex to 16 and made prostitution illegal.

It is an offence to knowingly allow a girl younger than sixteen years of age under one's guardianship to engage in prostitution.

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