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And how long will it be before the girls or the boys find themselves in bed with the enemy?, and like the hit series that came before it, viewers will be given the power to decide who stays in the competition and who goes, as well as which sex ultimately comes out on top.The shoppers will not be totally aimless as the singleton will give them a brief and from that they will have to dress them in order to win a date.The show is voiced by Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson who will provide us with some observations of the daters’ daring fashion decisions, will they pay off or leave the singleton looking for the receipt.

In the ITV Studios segment, revenues grew by 7% to £697M (9M) while adjusted EBITDA was down 9% to £110M (3M).

The singleton will have to choose who they want to go on a date with based on what the hopeful shoppers have dressed them in.

The end of the show will feature the grand reveal will it be frockin’ fabulous or a floppin’ fail?

The first episode of Dress to Impress will air on ITV 2 on Monday, September 4 at 6pm, each episode will feature three dating hopefuls competing to win the heart of a fashion conscious singleton.

In order to score a date with them the dating competitors will have to dress them and impress them.

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