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I’m news obsessed.” Meanwhile, Ray has been spending his off time playing shows with his band Soundspeed, made up of (former) Degrassi co-stars Shane Kippel (Spinner), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny van Zandt), Jamie Johnston (Peter Stone), Scott Paterson (Johnny Di Marco).

At some point a Black Lives Matter protest breaks out, which seems to be centered around Tiny with a poster reading, "Bring Tiny Back". The two had barely shared any screen time, a textbook example of the "pair the spares" trope.Ray revealed he just recently started dating his girlfriend, Chani, just over two months ago, and admitted it's going to “break my heart” when she goes off to NYU Abu Dhabi in the fall. “The acceptance rate for that school I think is 1.7%, so she’s brilliant, gorgeous, and I’m really liking her.” As for Charlotte, she just recently split from her longtime boyfriend, and high school sweetheart, Matt, although they are still close.“We’re still best friends…I’m at that time in my life when you hit your 20’s and you want to see what else is out there and be a little more independent,” said Char, who is about to turn 21 later this month.We should note that Liberty wasn't mentioned in the EW article but was shown in one of the pictures.Does that mean we could be seeing more returning cast members?

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