Dating emotionally immature women

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It also denies the possibilities of surprise and adventure that love can bring ; lists can create a rigid structure that, once built, can create impossible expectations and scenarios that no human can live up to.Lists also have the possibility of over-generalizing relationships and love, and deny the opportunity for the soul to express itself in unique ways, or to grow. Relating because of attraction, likes and common interests.Likes and dislikes change over time, and remain at the surface level of human expression.Common interests change, appearances change, language change.And again, internet laundry lists can create an air of perceived faults and expectations that focus on surface level traits rather than appreciating the deeper qualities of soul and spirit.Entering a relationship with preconceived notions about what is wanted or not wanted denies the spirit and flow of energy and love; that is an often overlooked aspect of immaturity.Love remains an expression of heart, soul and spirit; not the mind.Relying on lists is an epic-fail; believe in your intuition and experience.

And if something happens to you, they may abandon you in the time of greatest need. In so many of the red-flag lists, a great deal of what is listed are the traits of immature individuals.

The core qualities that allow this are loyalty, faithfulness, respect, listening, speaking authentically, and patience. So when I see a person relating with others based on fashion trends, or merely common interests, I have to wonder about their depth of character. A person who complains, puts others down, demeans and humiliates people, especially their family and parents, has unresolved issues that will awaken with intimacy. Somebody who is judgmental and overly critical about anything will eventually become judgmental and critical about you. Death, grief, accidents, and tragedies happen in life.

Most challenges in relationship start because of language, and unloving words communicate an unloving spirit. The assumption that the relationship will be this way or that denies it the opportunity to be its fullest and most natural expression. Humor and the ability to take serious things with gracious spaciousness enables all involved to remain relaxed and grow through the most turbulent scenarios in life. The person who blames everybody else, the world, or their ex’s for the hurts and tribulations in life will eventually target their partner for all their woes. It’s nice to believe life is always a bed of roses, yet it isn’t.

Love is more than a series of likes and dislikes, attraction and interests.

If attraction is based on what you like or dislike about the person, it is a setup for failure.

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