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They were so noisy they'd have to close his door when they came to visit. She is so bubbly and energetic it sort of rubs off on people.

The Otero Museum board and its many volunteers are to be commended for putting on such a nice affair.

Actually, they all look like they wintered very well. Hopefully, in our area,longchamps, it continues to stay nice with some rain once in a while.

However, they are a minority of otherwise healthy breathers.

When Jesus came to the table, he took in every moment and made every word count.

He spoke of loving and serving one another while preparing himself to demonstrate it on one of the horrendous death tools ever invented.

The film's images are dramatic, some by contrast: We see a line of elephants silhouetted majestically against an orange African sun as well as a solitary pachyderm confined within a zoo enclosure.

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