Dating before divorce christian

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maybe yer friend is doing u a favor, dunno how rough or truthful shes being but something to consider.If u mess up, 'cuz yer weak then ask forgiveness and move on.i do recall u posting your "dating" experience(s) pre-D somehwhere else on this forum.even the "heathen" werent too accomodating as i recall. This is my take on it, but remember that free advice is worth every penny you pay for it.I also believe you have answered your own question. I had this same discussion with my minister and Christian therapist.

I just want to get out and enjoy being around other people. He wanted nothing to do with our marriage and abandoned me on many fronts. That got no where, but it did further demoralize me. But I was honest with my son and told him that I had male friends I talk to.Is it wrong to go out on a date with a man here and there, as long as it's kept platonic?I'm setting my moral boundaries at not having a sexual relationship or falling in love with another man until my divorce is final. I know what I feel in my heart, but I just wonder what others think about the subject.But I'd hate to just swear off men until my divorce is final, which could be a year from now, and then miss an opportunity with a man He sent for me, you know?I'm not dating yet per se, but I'm getting my feet wet and meeting new people.

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