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Se encontró mayor número de mujeres con estatura pequeña.

Además se destaca la emergencia de casos con sobrepeso y obesidad en los hombres estudiados en 2002 vs los de 1940.

It’d be narrratively satisfying if I had seen an act who I’d thought was Rolo Tomassi but turned out I’d seen them on a bad day, or if an act or promoter who thought I was Rolo Tomassi had seen me and been all “You’re awesome. My pop culture senses have started to lose their razor sharp accuracy. Not in any useful way, but if someone made a reference to a TV show or celebrity, I could follow the conversation. I got a reference to “Peters and Lee” that my dad’s mate made.

The really worrying thing is that approximately 18% of my conversation is made up of pop culture references.

When I get blank eyed stares from a perfectly well known and properly used Life of Brian quote, this is bad.

Once he was MC and I was opener, and I cocked that up completely (see for details) and once when I was MC and he was opener, and I didn’t shush the people quietly ordering drinks at the bar, who turned out not to be quietly ordering drinks but having full blown rows and ruining the audience’s entire night.

Kev probably thinks I’m well shit, out of my depth, asking for gigs I shouldn’t be getting.

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