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She doesn't seem interested in going anywhere else, and I love that..I know what will happen... She has always been around and we are in love but I think she is tired of not being the main one anymore. Well, I finally told my husband about my feelings toward women. Being raised in a strict Southern Baptist household led me to suppress my attraction to women - women are supposed to be with men, and that's that (or so I was taught).

At night I dream of her...holding me, caressing me, kissing me, gazing into my eyes, making love until sunrise. See, he had an idea- I've joked around about women and being attracted to them BUT he never realized how serious it was OR that I would define myself as being bisexual. As an adult, I have come to accept myself as bisexual, but have only recently come out to my... We understood each other, and the struggles of being bi and married.

I am a 31 years old good looking and successful girl that have been with the most amazing man since almost 9 years. I had only experienced sex with one other woman some years before but never really fell in love. Since she and I became friends things have definitely been better between my husband and I but at the same time he seems more adamant than before about having a 3some.

He even went as far as to ask a female co-worker of his if she is bi and/or curious! Im a bi sexual woman, I've never fully explored my bisexuality , when I was a teenager I shared a few romps and kisses with a female but we were only young and it never went any further at 17 I met my hubby, who I adore, we have a fantastic sex life and he's my best friend, I... It wasn't easy to tell him how attracted I am to other women but I didn't want to hide it from him. So I told him one evening and I was so relieved when he was ok.

I am married happily :) I Love my husband very very much. I've known I was bi since I was 10 years old, but spent years... Actually about 75%% of my sexual relations have been with girls. since I was in my early teens and I never acted on it until this past summer.I've come out to a few supportive family members and friends. Please check it out and feel free to share with friends.I've been married ten years to a wonderfully understanding guy, who wasn't entirely surprised when I came out to him. This is all new to me and because I haven't come out to my whole family, I am anonymous for now.G uys, to me as a very hetero guy, married to a bi girl, (and she is 29 years old) , the issue is a simple one. So before you assume that I am going to say *********, let me stop you. My husband and I had to go out of town on business and while there we discovered a ***** club.We decided to go get cleaned up have a nice dinner and go to it. My husband is aware of this, but I don't think that he understands that I am new than just attracted to them. The first time I ever experienced another female was when I was living at Lake Powell working at the resort. Of course I knew my bf at the time just wanted a chance to be with the hot chic we lived with and of course so did I. I can still feel the warmth of her breath on my neck..softness of her lips as she leaves sweet kisses on my neck..bodies pressed up against each other as we flow to the music, my hands around her neck, her arms around me, her hands exploring my body. I've been with my husband for almost 11 years, since the age of 15.

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